Tried and True Ideas For Selecting The Perfect Pet Name Today

Whenever you get a pet, you are going to have to figure out what you’re going to name them. Whether you get a cat, dog, or any other type of pet, their name is going to be very important. There’s a science to this in some circles, and in others, it’s a matter of your own creativity. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to look at picking a name that is truly befitting of the pet you have.

If you have children, let them become a part of the process. If you don’t have children, then you’ll won’t need to have their input. But if you’re a social butterfly, you could always ask friends, coworkers, and anyone that you may want to talk to about your new pet. Just don’t decide on a whim, take your time, and use the following tried and true ideas that will help you get the right name.

Create A Simple Guideline

Guidelines are an important aspect of what you’re going to do within the aspects of getting a name. You want to look into naming conventions that speak to the animal in a certain way, but not to an extreme in any direction. For instance, if you get a cat, you don’t want to name them “kitten”, because they’ll one day grow up to be adult cats, and will not be a kitten. Of course, that’s not to say that you cannot do this, but it’s just a bit of advice regarding figuring out what to name your pet.

Try not to name your pet something that is going to be problematic in public. Don’t name them a slang term that is offensive, or a bad word. Try not to create some confusion with their names and the actions that you want them to work with. Joe and “No”, for instance, rhyme. Also, don’t name your dog or cat after pop culture monsters that are pets. For instance, if you name your pet “Cujo”, and it’s a big dog, people may be a little scared to pet them. They could be a sweetheart, but people don’t immediately think about that. They have the wrong image in their minds.

Fun Loving Culture

On the flip side of the guideline chat, consider culture as a way to figure out some names to consider. What is your favorite cartoon? What about your favorite science fiction series? You could name your pet after your favorite character in movies, cartoons, sports, or even musicians. You could have a hound dog named Elvis, or just about any other idea that you come up with based on your favorite television programs. You may want to go with a hero, not a villain, unless you have an antihero that seems to speak to you. Just don’t make it too complex.

Look At Your Life

A great option to consider when trying to pick out a good name for your pet is to look into inspiration from your life. What is your favorite food, your favorite comic book characters, and much more. Think about those things and start to mull around ideas in your head. You’ll find that something could spark your interest if you just think about what you love in your own life.

Aside from your own life, think about what makes people smile. Are you going to be social with your pet? Are you going to take them to dog parks? Think about a few ideas that will help you figure out what you want out of your pet’s name. Think of something that people will find cute, but not so cute that they are a fluff ball. “Fluffy” for instance, is a bit much, but if your pet is a ball of fur like that, then it works. There’s so many variables in this regard, you’ll need to narrow it down a little.

Hang Out With Your Pet First

Don’t pick a name right away. In fact, think about what you will name them after a week if need be. Hang out with them, see how they behave, what toys they like, and how they live their lives. Look at what makes them run around, how they love you, and more. This will give you a great number of ideas as to what you could do to name them.

After you’ve spent some time thinking about the names, you could always create a list and then pick the best one that sounds good to you. Just remember, all of these ideas should help you understand how to pick the right name for your pet. If nothing else, take your time.


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