Beagle Dog Names

The Beagle is a great hunting dog with a keen sense of smell. These hound dogs are great with children and are often quite the howlers! But if you’ve just adopted a Beagle, you’re in luck. They’re great, loyal dogs and make fantastic pets.

Certain breeds have certain characteristics, and Beagles are incredibly distinct dogs with interesting personalities. We hope you find a fitting name for your new pup in this range of lists, but if you don’t, Fido always works!


Popular Beagle names
Studies show these are three of the top names for Beagles, both puppies and adults. Try one on for size and see how it fits!

  • Bud
  • Dakota
  • Waggles

Outdoorsy Beagle names
Beagles are outdoorsy by nature and love hunting small critters in your yard or the nearby forest. Consider these adventurous names if your pup is especially keen on chasing squirrels.

  • Alaska
  • Buckwheat
  • Hunter
  • Sunny

Unique Beagle names
Sometimes, you don’t want a name everybody else has. This makes trips to the vet and dog park a lot easier! If you want a totally unique name, consider any of the following.

  • Bagel
  • Karma
  • Vixen

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