Shih Tzu Dog Names

Shih Tzus are small and energetic with a beautiful double coat of fur. How will you name your Shih Tzu dog or puppy? Certain breeds have certain characteristics, and Shih Tzus are incredibly distinct dogs with interesting personalities. We hope you find a fitting name for your new pup in this range of lists, but if you don’t, Fido always works!


Popular Shih Tzu names
Studies show these are among the most popular names for Shuh Tzus, both for puppies and adults.

  • Caesar
  • Mist
  • Sugar

Small-time Shih Tzu names
Shih Tzus are teeny-tiny dogs with big personalities. Choose a name that fits this interesting combination!

  • Elf
  • Itsy
  • Stimpy

Silly Shih Tzu names
Shih Tzus are hilarious little dogs. They’re pretty small, but they love to act aggressively, either through loud barks or physical posturing. Choose a name that suits this hilarious contradiction.

  • Bourbon
  • Little-Bit
  • Squirt
  • Fancy
  • Sassy