The Five Best Literary Pets of All Time

Some of the best animals are those that exist only in our imaginations. Literature has the ability to make any character a friend and any pet, well, a pet. We’re still suckers for great stories about human-animal friendships, and these five pets have stood the test of time to become our favorites. If you name your animal after one of these famous fur babies, you’ll probably get a few comments from friends and strangers.



Sure, Crookshanks is a great Harry Potter series pet, but Hedwig is the O.G. magical best friend. The snowy owl is companion to Harry Potter. Haughty and opinionated, she is, at times, sassier than her human friend. There’s no denying she’s the best mail deliverer around.



While Wilbur isn’t necessarily a pet, his relationships with both Charlotte, the spider, and Fern, the human, are beloved by audiences around the world. The main figure in E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, he’s a sweet, adorable pig who strives to be a good friend.



Virginia Woolf was so charmed by Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s cocker spaniel, Flush, that she wrote a biography of him. Yes, you read that right. The author of Orlando and A Room of One’s Own spent months crafting a charming narrative from the pup’s perspective. It’s both whimsical and warmhearted.



Misty, of Misty of Chincoteague fame, is one of the most famous fictional horses in the American media landscape. She may not be Black Beauty, but she’s as adored as a literary horse can get. The wild pony foal is taken in by a group of kids; their relationship develops into something truly remarkable.



Frightful is the peregrine falcon from My Side of the Mountain, a book series centering on 12-year-old Sam, who runs away from home to live in the woods. Sam raises Frightful from infancy and develops a close friendship with the bird.